About us

History of the company

We have been working at the travel insurance market since 2012 and we have been one of the first to propose the ready online insurance product for independent travelers. Since the very beginning we decided not to compromise between the price and the service quality and in our work we always choose the better. At various times, we have been partners in trip insurance with Zurich IC, Alliance IC and Absolut Insurance IC, but the principle of the premium quality of our insurance remains unchanged.
We propose to our customers the maximum scope and limits of insurance coverage and the best assistance

Why choose us?

  • Our service desk arranges for assistance at the best world clinics. The service quality is evidenced by our customers’ feedback, as well as by our ability to provide you the list of clinics.
  • All policies with the insurance amount above 100,000 $ are reinsured at Hannover Re (German reinsurance company).
  • Insurance options have been developed exclusively for our customers, and can only be purchased on our site or from our partners.

Some information about the product

You can purchase insurance at our web-site from home or abroad (If you forgot to buy the insurance, or the trip unexpectedly got longer).
The nationality of the insured or double nationality is of no imortance for us. Only the country of principal residence is significant.
Exclusive limits of insurance coverage of 250,000, 500,000, 1,000,000 c. u. Expanded coverage of expenses for dentistry and expenses for care in case of exacerbation of chronic conditions.

Some interesting facts

The first policy was sold on our website on March 20, 2012.
38 % of customers bought our policies two or more times.
The youngest customer was 6 days old at the time of insurance policy purchase.
The most expensive policy in the history of our service cost USD  9450, and the cheapest - USD  1.
One of our customers is a very active and famous traveler, he has visited 193 countries of the world.


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