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Coronavirus is covered

Not all countries take care of travelers infected with COVID19, but our insurance covers treatment and diagnostics in case of infection with COVID-19 coronavirus. Our insurance will work as usual. Some countries ask travelers to provide a policy with covid-19 coverage. All our insurance policies have this option.

Only verified

Our services provide medical assistance 24/7 in the first rate clinics. Our medical providers and clinics are hand-picked. We work with both large network hospitals and smaller healthcare providers which are nonetheless equipped to the best standards of diagnostics. We organize doctor’s visits at home and provide interpreter services if needed.

Top tier insurance

Our policies offer impressive insurance coverage. We will help if you experience a sudden acute exacerbation of a chronic condition. The trip cancellation option is a great fit for parents with small children that may suddenly fall sick just before departure. Travel unlimited all year round with “Multitrip” option! Limits - up to $ 1 000 000, and you can buy insurance while you are traveling.

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It is easy to contact us and get assistance in case of an incident - free calls from abroad through our mobile app, online chat and Whatsapp, Facebook around the clock. Choose the contact method which is the most convenient for you and we organize a great and quick assistance worldwide 24/7.

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Your questions about Travel Insurance

What is online Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a way to avoid problems while you`re abroad. You can buy an insurance policy online determining duration and risks that it will cover. The purchasing procedure takes 5-7 minutes. You will immediately receive an email confirming your purchasing by a policy and a payment receipt, you can save them either in print or electronically.
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Why Travel Insurance Is a Must have?

Days before a trip abroad are always full of pleasant and joyful worries - buying tickets, finding a hotel and picking things up. Buying an insurance is an additional expenses. Let`s try this question out. The policy covers expenses for urgent and emergency medical care, diagnostic procedures, the cost of medicines and a treatment in case of sudden illnesses or accident-related injuries.
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Advantages of Tripinsurance travel insurance

1.Confidence. We have been working in the online insurance industry for travelers abroad since 2012. During this time more than 250,000 clients have entrusted us their trips safety and purchased the travel insurance policy online, and this number continues to grow. 2. Reliability. Since the start of our work we decided that we will never compromise with the price and quality of service, and we always choose the second.
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How to behave in case of an insured event: travel tips

It will take about 5 minutes to purchase a travel medical insurance on our site - or via Mobile apps. But usually customers prefer to contact the support service to consult on how to behave in case of an insured event and to make the use of the insurance more comfortable. Below we will give you some tips that will help you in a difficult situation abroad.
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For experienced travelers

You have no doubts about the necessity of buying insurance for traveling abroad. Possibly, you have already purchased a FTI policy online or used the insurance abroad. You do not wish to buy a “wrap-up” and thoroughly study the insurance terms for those going abroad proposed by each company in order to select the most reliable insurer. We do not hide the Insurance terms, they can be found on each page of our web-site.
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